The rural community of Choquecancha is located approximately 3.850 meters above sea level, in the foothills of the Lares Mountain Range, a part of the spectacular Andes. Choquecancha is brimming with pieces of Incan history, such as terraces, qolqas, and other architectural relics of the Inca period. The main plaza boasts an Inca wall with trapezoidal doors, additionally, the “Qhapaq Ñan”, the famous Incan road network, crosses through Choquecancha. There are spectacular views of the surrounding mountains from different viewpoints within the town. Both houses and the life there are very traditional (thatched rooves, and adobe walls and ovens). The beautiful and relaxing Lares Hot Springs, with medicinal waters that range from 36° to 44° C., are located very close to the community.

    If you would like to visit the community, we can organize your volunteering trip or a tour to discover the guardians of the “Quapaq Ñan”.

    Since 2004 the CBC has worked with the association of women “María Auxiliary” of Choquecancha. The history of this association is very similar to that of the Chari. The women are exceptional weavers and they have exhibited their work on Peruvian national television, thanks to the project “Weaving Territorial Development with Cultural Identity” (CBC and the BACKUS Foundation 2015-2017). Beginning in January 2017, apart from its handicrafts, there will also be experiential tourism in the community, starting a project of 3 years (CBC and “Brot für die Welt”) in Choquecancha, where tourism still has yet to arrive.