The town of Matinga is located in the Taray district, in the Colca province of the Department of Cusco. It is 40 minutes away from Cusco, via the road to Pisaq through the Sacred Valley. Matinga is characterized by its favorable climate and impressive landscape, as it is nestled in between the mountains of the Vilcanota range. The members of the community enjoy taking visitors to the town’s two viewpoints, from one you can see the entire city of Cusco and from the other the Sacred Valley. You can also visit the Center of Interpretation of Andean Cultivation, an ethnographic museum established by the community members where you can learn more about the tubers (varieties of potatoes, olluco, mashwa, etc.) and cereals (quinua, kiwicha, cañihua) grown in the region.

If you would like to visit this community, we can organize different tours to discover:

The Center of Interpretation of Andean Cultivation

The area’s rich archeological sites and living culture

We currently do not have a project in the region, but the association “Papa Tarpuy” (“sowing potatoes” in Quechua) does. The Association asked us to present its Center for Interpretation of Andean Crops as a community project for the conservation of the traditional seeds of the area and to show the rich bio-culture to visitors.  The Center was constructed in 4 years by hand with the help of all of the community members. Their project and innovate spirit amazed us, and we decided to include the association “Papa Tarpuy” with its Center in our tourism packages.

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