The rural Community of Patabamba (3800 meters above sea level) is located in the Coya district, in between Cusco and the Sacred Valley, approximately 1 hour from the city of Cusco. The town maintains its traditional practices and the distribution of houses is ideal for groups; each dwelling is located within five minutes of each other. The town also has a beautiful viewpoint, “the Balcony of the Sacred Valley”, from which you have a view of the Urubamba River and the valley below. One hour by foot takes you to lake “Qoricocha”, which was the most important reservoir of potable water for the city of Cusco in the 1980s. Patabamba has beautiful walking paths, such as the short hike to the Inca archeological site called “Huchuy Qosqo”, and many more.

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Patabamba has a long history of working with NGOs, in general and with the CBC in particular. In 2006 the CBC developed the project “Support for micro and small businesses (APOMIPE)” financed by the Swiss corporation HELVETAS to benefit more than 60 entrepreneurs in the community, strengthening business networks related to the raising of guinea pigs and artisanal handicrafts. In the second phase of the project (APOMIPE II) in 2011 the business ventures of several associations were professionalized. Since 2010 the CBC has taken tourists to visit Patabamba. The businesses in Patabamba are considered the most experienced in terms of Rural Community Tourism (RCT) and they work with more than 8 Peruvian tourism agencies.