The peasant community of Raqchi has been one of the first communities in Peru to implement the concept of community rural tourism and has international fame for its ceramic art (hence the famous "Raqui", containers of chicha), its good service and the authenticity of the town and of course for its impressive Inca archaeological complex.

Basic information :
  • Place : Raqchi Peasant Community, province of Canchis, Cusco region
  • Duration : 1 day or 2d / 1n
  • Available in Spanish and English (other languages ​​on request)
  • Difficulty: easy to intermediate
  • Height: 3450 to 3550 meters above sea level
  • Daily service with professional guidesIt includes :
  • Transportation Cusco – Raqchi – Cusco
  • Professional guide in Spanish and / or English
  • Lunch with drinks made from local products
  • Demonstration and participation in the ceramics workshop
  • Talk and cultural exchange
  • Entrance to the “Raqchi Archaeological Complex”

Does NOT include :

  • Personal drinks and snacks
  • Personal expenses (tip, purchase of souvenirs etc.)

Additional information

PrecioFor 1 person, For 10 people, For 2 people, For 3 people, For 4 people, For 5 people, For 6 people, For 7 people, For 8 people, For 9 people, Shared service

Depature from Cusco to the rural community of Raqchi.

Arrival tothe rural community Raqchiand welcome by the women association “Sumaq Ñucchu”, dedicated to experiential tourism, which gives us experiences of “living culture » in its town.

Go tothe Inca Archaeological Complex of Raqchiwith members of the association “Sumaq Ñucchu”, who together with the guide will tell you the singularities of the place, which is strategically located on a Royal Inca Trail, part of the road network of the Incas. The most important structure of the archaeological site is the “Temple of Viracocha”, a huge rectangular structure of two floors that measures 92 meters long by 25.5 wide. Before its destruction by the Spaniards, the temple had what is believed to be the highest roof in the Inca Empire. The large complex also has 156 colcas or circular stores with 8 m in diameter and 4 m in height, which will be seen during the trip.

Traditional lunch prepared by the association, where you can enjoy local cuisine based on ingredients as corn, potatoes, ollucos, beans, peas, tarwi, quinoa and wheat, with organic inputs from their own farms.

Talk and cultural exchange on the peasant life of families and demonstration of the craft process of ceramics. There you will have the opportunity to know and participate in the manufacturing process of classic ceramic pieces. The people of Raqchi have been famous ceramists for many centuries and obtain their raw material for art from their own land near the extinct volcano Kinsachata(hike to the volcano and optional vantage point on 2-day visit).

Farewell ceremony on behalf of the association and return to the city of Cusco.

Back to Cusco, arrival scheduled at approximately 7:30 pm.

Recommendation: Extend your stay for one or several nights in family homes to make a walk to the Kinsachata Volcano (2 hours from the community), from where people of the community obtain the land for the elaboration of their ceramic art, and / or to the Mirador “Apu Auqui” (3 hours from the community).

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