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We are a team of tourism professionals who aim to provide our clients with a new experience of responsible travel. The travel Agency CBCtupay and the CBC Hotels form the tourism companies of the Center of Bartolomé de Las Casas. We are companies with experience and dedication, concerned about giving each one of our visitors that special and unique sensation that only hospitality and a cozy place can bring.

Come get to know our traditions and hospitality.

Enjoy the ways of life, costumes, myths, traditions, and intercultural exchanges in Peru through our authentic travel experiences.





in numbers

30 responsible travel offers

6 native communities supported

260 individuals involved

Our definition

 What is responsible tourism?

Faced with the social and environmental problems that tourism causes in Peru, we promote the concept of “responsible tourism”. It is a strategy that looks to change the attitude of tourists and tourism providers alike, in order to make tourism an activity based on respectful relationships, social-environmental compromise, and the generation of economic benefits at the local level.